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Marketing & Technology Consultants

Hire Jetson - Your Fractional Data Scientist

We focus on energizing data in order to create the ultimate customer experience.


We not only reduce costs on the human capital side & negotiate the best tech-stack contracts but as experts in data science work on a dotted line to marketing. 

We provide top-line and bottom-line value immediately.

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Benefits of bringing our Data Science/ Technology Expertise to your Marketing Team


Centralize your Data

Through every API integration, Jetson collects and organizes guest data across multiple platforms so you know who your customers are and how to meet their needs. Allow us to streamline that today.


Analytics & Insights

Our data scientists are the best in the business providing insights leading to operation & marketing improvements the first month.

Remove the Tech Hat

In order for your organization to grow, you need to assign the technology roles to the experts.



Marketing & Operations need to talk with the the tech department. Unfortunately, they rarely do. Allow us to streamline that today with data driven insights. Let us dig into the details. 

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