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About Us /  Our Mission

Restoring Relationships

As the modern customer rapidly evolves, service and marketing can suffer. Where technology should provide relief, it often over-complicates operations at the expense of the customer experience. You and your customer deserve more.

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Data Driven Marketing designed to promote meaningful relationships between you and your customers.


Streamlined Service

Our operational tools are guided by a single idea: efficiency. By addressing the complicated issues that operators encounter everyday, Jetson can alleviate unnecessary failures.


Simplified Marketing

In an industry with long hours and slim margins, marketing can often fall to the wayside. Marketing should be simple and easy for operators, so you can still be present for your customers.


Personalized Preferences

Data doesn't have to be the enemy! By harnessing the data that your current technology already collects, you'll use it in ways that your customers will love.


Better Business

We invest in our clients and partnerships because we care about their businesses and the people that make it tick. We love nothing more than contributing to your success. 

Our Story

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People deserves better technology.

When we first began our Jetson journey, the focus was to create technology that could alleviate the time-consuming ordering and payment process that can stifles the guest experience.

But as the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the hospitality industry, our clients needed more from their technology -- and more from us. With the help of our team of data scientist experts, we evaluated the shortcomings of our clients' POS systems and complicated third-party platforms, arriving at new solutions to operational woes.

Despite numerous ordering, payment, reservation, inventory, reporting, and marketing platforms existing in most establishments, exhausted and exasperated managers rarely have the time, or patience, to fully utilize them. We also noticed a glaring failure: none of these 'tools' effectively utilized the data they were gathering productively and coherently for you, the operator.


We got to work, and developed what you need most: a team that can fully-address your data-driven operational and marketing needs for your businesses. By collecting and organizing the data your business already collects through its current tech stack, you can utilize every order, item, and preference from your current clientele to market towards those who have yet to walk through the door.


With Jetson, you'll restore those vital elements of revelancy back into the customer experience and make your technology work for you.

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Ready for Launch?

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